Why am I running for the Albany County School Board?

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  1. Why am I running for the Albany County School Board?

Our society is so caught up with problems that are complicating education. I would like to advocate for simplifying education in getting back to the basics such as the fundamentals of reading, writing, math, and science.

2. Is there a particular issue that motivates you to serve on the School Board?

Two key issues are:

1) Parents should have more voice in what is being taught and/or promoted in schools and

2) Freeing up teachers to have more time to teach academics rather than being distracted with peripheral demands that take away time from actual teaching.

3. What experiences or skills have prepared you to serve on the School Board?

I have been in management positions before, problem-solving with people with various problems/concerns that have arisen; I enjoy working with people; I enjoy finding out facts about situations; I offer a no-nonsense approach to looking at situations.

4. What is a school board members role and responsibility and How does that role differ from the role of the superintendent or administration?

School board members, which are chosen by voters, is to be the mediator between parents and the superintendent and administration. The school board’s role is to represent the majority of the parents/voters/taxpayers and what they would like to see happen in the schools as far as policies, finances, curriculum etc. The Superintendent or administration role is to implement the policies that the school board dictates.

5. How can a School Board best communicate with its constituent groups?

In person contact such as meetings or group email.

6. What issues do you believe your district needs to address in what it offers in academics?

Returning to the fundamentals of education.

7. What should your school district do to better prepare students as citizens?

Getting back to the basics of learning; having classes/curriculum that teach practical life skills.

8. What is your vision for education in this community?

Preparing the children for life as productive citizens who are equipped with strong academic foundational skills.

9. What do you see as the major issues(s) facing your school district and/or public education as a whole?

Social agendas that are distracting and derailing the foundation of education and lack of respect for the teachers and lack of discipline from the administration.

10. Do you have specific suggestions for improvement?

Again, I believe that returning to the fundamental foundation of academics will solve many of the issues facing the school system today and to remove as many of the social distractions as possible.

11. What is the role of schools in teaching children about topics such as: sex education, cyber-safety, AIDS, (or other communicable diseases), wellness, bullying?

These are all issues needing to be addressed at home between a parent(s) and their child(ren). In my opinion, these are not issues that should be addressed in the school setting.

12. Do you believe parents have the fundamental right to determine the upbringing, education and care of their children? YES or NO. Why or why not:

YES! Because it is the right and privilege of the parent(s) to determine what is the best course of education for their child(ren) as well as how they raise and care for their child(ren).

13. Do you believe a parent should have the right to determine if they mask their child in school? YES or NO. Why or why not:

YES because the parents know what is best for their child(ren) and they alone are held responsible for the care and health of their child(ren).

14. Do you support a parent’s right to homeschool? YES or NO. Why or why not:

YES! Because, again, the parent knows what is best for their child(ren) and they alone have the right to determine how they should be educated, whether it be public school, private, homeschool or charter.

15. Do you believe students should read and study the Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the United States before they graduate from High School? YES or NO. Why or why not:

Yes. Because those documents portray the foundation of our country; the country these students live in. (It is a common fact that legal immigrants who are going through the many years process of naturalization, know more about our Constitution and Declaration of Independence than most US citizens.)

16. Have you read the Constitution of the United States in the past year? YES or No. Why or why not:

Yes, because I know it's important to understand the foundational documents of the country I live in.

17. Have you read the sections(s) of your state constitution, county charter, and/or local statutes that govern your position? YES or NO

No. But I will do so.

18. Do you believe that the legitimate role of government is limited and should be confined to what is clearly defined by the Constitution? YES or NO. Why or why not:

YES. Because the Founders of that Constitution wrote the document because of problems they had encountered before when we were still under British rule, and they wanted to protect our country from tyranny so that we may be a free country with free citizens and not under the heavy and restrictive hand of a government.

19. Do you support the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance each school day? YES or NO. Why or why not:


20. Do you support student-led prayer in school: YES or NO. Why or why not:


21. Do you support school choice measures? YES or NO. Why or why not:

Yes because parents should always have the choice of where or how their child(ren) are schooled.

22. Do you support the teaching or training of critical race theory? YES or NO. Why or why not:

NO. Because CRT is a divisive social issue that has become distracting and detrimental to the educational system.

23. If you can only accomplish one thing once elected, what would you hope to accomplish?

To establish a school board that truly has the benefit of the parents and children in mind.

24. What does Liberty mean to you?

Liberty, to me, means freedom to work towards a goal or purpose; the freedom to exercise rights and responsibilities; freedom to make choices that are best for me and my family. Liberty means I have the freedom to live where I choose, have the job I choose, school my children where I choose, speak my thoughts, and worship how I choose.

25. Who do you believe is the most important stakeholder in education?

The Parents, the voters and the taxpayers. This is because we all will reap the benefit (or consequence) of what we invest in our children’s education.

26. How would you counsel a teacher for a discipline situation with an unruly child in the classroom?

That problem needs to go to the principal’s office where there should be disciplinary action.

27. Given the nationwide teacher shortage, what plans do you have to recruit teachers to Laramie?

Try to make the positions financially beneficial and minimize unnecessary demands that distract from their time to teach.

28. How do you plan to support those teachers, especially those in their first years, to continue their career as teachers?

Have quality substitute teachers; remove unnecessary demands or mentorship programs; Continuing education and teacher training.